Toilet 105 (2010) DVDRip

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All w.c. there is its waiter...

W.c. at SMU Builds seeming Homeland carefully only: a moon, clean slate, fragrant and so favorite place for all its occupant. All, including occupant' ground' one likes school gangsters, evenless good-looking ones as Okta (Ricky Harun), Ical (Lionil Tikoalu) and Rio (Rizky is Son). Until new child appearance named Marsya (Coralie), dislocated sharp-looking girl from Bandung what do seems to be make devil w.c. as' feverish'. As loading as school gets frequent at horrendous with penampakkan horrible body abatamens. Beginning of Security (Aming), favourite teacher (Indra Birowo) until killer's teacher (Suti Karno), every thing flip-flap terrorized by devil w.c..Marsya realizes it' takes in' something that gotten back up devil w.c.. One grudge asks for to be completed. It shall free her of that charge before devil w.c. charges soul to go to all schooled content!

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